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Blockchain For Digital Supply Chains
ITProPortal, February 17th, 2021
Why blockchain has become a key component for digital supply chains

"As our business frameworks and structures have moved to become predominantly data-driven digital entities, a new electronic backbone of partners, suppliers and industry associates has crystallized and become the new substrate for all operational functions. That new foundational fabric has a name; we call it the digital supply chain..."

Not usually linked to one another, blockchain tech could actually make artificial intelligence (AI) systems not only safer, but also much, much better

"With the increased pressures placed on the business over the past year or so, perhaps it should come as little surprise that many enterprises chose to delay or are lagging behind in their digital transformation pushes. But simultaneously, organizations are acknowledging that a digital overhaul is now a prerequisite for continued growth, with artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies establishing themselves as two powerful DX trends in recent years..."

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