Why is Business Intelligence an Integral Cog in Business Success today?

"In today's data driven world, business leaders may feel overwhelmed given the sudden influx of data. By merging, business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and others, business intelligence (BI) helps these leaders in making more data-driven decisions. At present, BI enables organizations to identify ways to increase profit, analyze customer behavior, compare data with competitors, track performance, optimize operations, spot market trends and many other crucial activities in the business pipeline..."

Microsoft Corp. is beefing up the security capabilities of its Power BI business intelligence tools with new network isolation and data protection features that help to ensure customer's information will never be compromised

"Data is, of course, at the core of Microsoft Power BI, which is the collective name for a suite of cloud-based apps and services that enterprises can use to collate, manage and analyze information from a wide range of sources to obtain more business insights from it.

Power BI is used by workers to transform raw data such as sales figures into graphical visualizations that present a clearer picture of what's happening inside their business. The service can tap into data from numerous sources such as simple Excel spreadsheets, Oracle databases and various cloud-based and on-premises applications..."

Information protection makes sure that only people with permissions see data in Power BI, while retaining the ability to share top-level trends, balancing productivity and security

"Whatever business intelligence tool you're using, it connects to Excel. "If you want to build a new BI product, the first feature you build is export to Excel," jokes Arun Ulag, CVP of Microsoft Power BI. "People want to be able to work with data in the tools that they use." he adds.

But when you export a report to Excel to dig into the numbers, what happens to any rights management that's been applied to sensitive company data? Role-based access permissions, row-level security and object-level security may not be enough to protect data - particularly with so many people working at home..."

Gartner notes that the majority of new spending on analytics and business intelligence tools are coming via cloud deployments

"Analyst house Gartner, Inc. has released its 2021 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. Gartner defines the marketplace as being 'characterized by easy-to-use functionality that supports a full analytic workflow - from data preparation to visual exploration and insight generation - with an emphasis on self-service usage and augmented user assistance.' The range of solution providers in this space is broad, featuring startups backed by venture capital all the way up to large technology firms..."

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