AI Predictions And Trends To Watch In 2021
ITProPortal, February 16th, 2021
AI is increasingly all around us, and we can expect to see more advances in the coming year in everything from vaccines to online shopping to farming

"Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have moved from the backrooms of computer science into the mainstream. Their impact is being felt in everything from how we shop to money markets and medical research.

Larger models have been trained in separated modality. For instance, GPT-3 is the first 100-billion-parameter model for natural language processing (NLP). Recently, a-trillion-parameter model (T5-XXL) has also been trained. These can be used to write articles, analyze text, perform translations and even create poetry..."

For decades, artificial intelligence has been depicted as a sinister force in science fiction

"Think of HAL-9000, the main antagonist in Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey series. But while applications of AI and machine learning are indeed sophisticated and carry the potential to be dangerous, my own view is that over the course of this decade, the most frequent encounters people are going to have with these neural technologies will seem both ordinary and positive. But there is one important area of algorithmic use that will require real work.

First the benign uses. I am thinking here of areas in which prototypes already exist: AI-powered activities that are likely to become normal by the end of this decade: Conversational Commerce, Home Technical Support, and Autonomous Vehicles. However, a fourth one, Institutional Decision Making, has few satisfactory prototypes at this time and so will be harder to fix..."

Is AI Changing The Corporate Landscape?
TechRepublic, February 17th, 2021
Like every business process, the corporate landscape is also influenced by AI and Machine Learning

"It would be fair to say that businesses were dealt a difficult hand last year. With the onset of the novel coronavirus, organizations across all sectors were forced to completely transform the way that they work, or else be faced with the prospect of closing down their operations entirely. And in the face of chaos, for many businesses this has meant looking to new solutions and pioneering technology to envisage a way through in the new normal..."

Getting artificial intelligence past the fairy tale stage is a challenge for some organizations. Here are two examples of AI that's granted its users' wishes

"Even with technology, sometimes we believe in fairy tales. A fairy tale is a story with a "fantastic and magical setting or magical influences within a story." I hadn't thought much about fairy tales recently, until I began reviewing the number of online case studies about artificial intelligence (AI) in companies.

In most of these case studies, the bottom line was that an AI solution had been successfully implemented. However, when I reviewed the stories for business outcomes or results, the results weren't there. Instead, the stories ended with what companies hoped they would realize from their AI investments. They were hoping that fairy tale projects would indeed come true..."

What Is In Store For AI For The Rest Of 2021?
ITProPortal, February 15th, 2021
AI offers potential but companies must resolve its issues too

"2020 was a year that further cemented AI's role in our everyday lives because of Covid-19 and the pandemic-fueled shift to digital life. A couple of months into 2021 and it is clear that this is a trend that is here to stay. Technologies underpinned by algorithms have become critical, whether it is to ask a chatbot about an online order or for banks to verify the identity of a customer trying to open a new bank account digitally..."

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