Clusters In A Cloud
Dell News, February 18th, 2021
February 18, 2021,
Volume 275, Issue 3

Using PowerProtect Data Manager to Protect with Hyperscalers - AKS, GKE, EKS

"As the 'race to embrace' Kubernetes unfolds, major 'hyperscalers' such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon AWS have provided their users' services to deploy and manage them. They are portals for easier management, pre-built templates, cloud portability, and more agile processes within a cloud structure. Respectively, they are referred to as Azure Kubernetes Services, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Elastic Kubernetes Service. These services provide low-cost playgrounds for developers to generate secure platforms in the cloud and change customer end user experience with fewer overhead costs and without interruption. In some ways, the services mimic the agile and seamless foundation that Kubernetes provides a developer where the customer and end user receive faster, bug-free outputs..."

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