Amazon, MIT Team Up To Add Driver Know-How To Delivery-Routing Models
AWS News, February 17th, 2021
February 17, 2021,
Volume 275, Issue 3

In a new competition, research teams will train machine learning models to factor in drivers' deviations from computed routes

"Routing is one of the most studied problems in computer science. The traveling-salesman problem, or determining the most efficient route for a salesman who has to visit several different destinations, is the most famous example of a problem that is NP-complete, meaning that in all but the simplest instances, it's computationally intractable.

Nonetheless, the Amazon Last Mile team, which develops planning software for Amazon's delivery fleet, finds approximate solutions to the traveling-salesman problem (optimizing for safety, experience, sustainability, and efficiency) on a regular basis. Given a delivery driver and a set of package destinations, the Last Mile team's software tries to find the most efficient delivery route..."

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