10 Cybersecurity Best Practices And Tips For Businesses
SearchSecurity, January 6th, 2021
January 6, 2021,
Volume 274, Issue 1

Looking to improve your business's security program? Our top-10 list of cybersecurity advice breaks out best practices and tips for security professionals and for employees

"Each employee of a business, from end users to security professionals to executives, has a role in protecting their business from cyber attacks. The actions that each employee takes -- or doesn't take -- can make the difference between "just another day" and a major security breach that harms the business's reputation and costs the business a lot of money.

To help businesses improve their security practices, we've compiled a list of cybersecurity best practices for security professionals to follow, and a list of cybersecurity tips for all employees to keep in mind. These lists focus on particularly important things for businesses today to address..."

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