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New Year's resolutions aren't just for losing weight and building your savings account. Here are some dreams for big data in 2021.

"Last year was . interesting. While we couldn't have predicted all that 2020 threw at us (and it was a lot), that won't stop us from trying again this year, especially in technology.

Big data, like all technology, is evolving, so every year brings new opportunities and challenges. Here are some changes I'd like to see in 2021..."

IoT Adds Smarts To IT Asset Monitoring
Networkworld, January 4th, 2021
Organizations are using IoT sensors to monitor equipment performance and environmental conditions in data centers

"The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to play a key role in monitoring and maintaining internal IT systems and environments. With many IT pros working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, IT teams are leveraging networked sensors to gauge the performance and condition of servers, storage systems, network devices, and other technology components.

IoT can help organizations not only evaluate how well equipment in data centers is performing and when systems need to be updated or repaired, but also monitor environmental conditions and events such as air temperature, humidity, and water leaks. IoT systems can also help organizations detect intrusions that could result in downtime or data breaches..."

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