Annual technology predictions are like years: some are better than others.

"Nonetheless, many provide useful insight and serve as the basis for worthwhile discussion. Over the last few months we received a number of HPC and AI predictions for 2021, here are the most interesting and potentially valid. Let's check in 12 months from now and see how many, along with our wish for a speedy pandemic end, come true.

Quantum Lack of Clarity

'Although it seems counterintuitive, the progress made in quantum hardware development over the next year may lead to more uncertainties within the quantum industry rather than less. However, this is actually a good thing. Currently, it may seem like one or two types of qubit hardware are ahead of the others in the R&D process..."

IT Trends To Watch: High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems
DataCenter Knowledge, January 8th, 2021
Although HPC systems traditionally come with a high CapEx, clouds now offer a cheaper initial on-ramp - and their ability to handle demanding AI/AL workloads makes them an attractive option

"Tech has no shortage of buzzy new technologies - and cutting through the hype to see what will actually impact the enterprise can be challenging. We're here to help. Starting in 2021, our contributors will give a rundown on an emerging tech and whether or not it'll pay off to pay attention to it. Here, we look at high performance computing (HPC) systems..."

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