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From security pros to developers to analysts, the battle for the best IT talent wages. Here's what to look for (and what to offer) when hiring for the 10 most in-demand jobs for 2021

"As companies scramble to adapt to a tight IT job market, they're doing whatever they can to attract top tech talent. For some that means getting a head start in filling this year's most in-demand roles, which range from data-focused to security-related positions, according to Robert Half Technology's 2021 IT salary report. The survey also reveals the average salaries for each role based on experience.

While Robert Half Technology acknowledges a lot will impact a company's starting salary, including competition, location, corporate culture, and budgets, there are certain things you can look for to make sure you land the talent you want. Here are 10 jobs expected to be in demand for 2021, the skills and experience you should look for and the average salary you'll want to pay to stay competitive..."

Remote Work: 6 New Habits To Develop In 2021
The Enterprisers Project, January 4th, 2021
From embracing the status report to preventing interruptions, these six habits will help you be more productive while doing remote work

"With many companies already pledging to keep offices closed through the first half of 2021 (or longer), it's time for employees to double down on their work-from-home routines.

We asked our community of IT leaders and experts to share a new habit they believe all remote workers should incorporate into their daily routines for a more productive, fulfilling work day. From making your work more visible with regular updates and visualization tools to optimizing your workspace to eliminate interruptions, here are some considerations for improving your remote working routine..."

A global pandemic, economic contraction, and calls to end racial inequality have altered the IT hiring landscape. Here's how companies are adjusting when it comes to IT staffing

"A global pandemic, the resulting recession, and nationwide calls to end racial inequality are altering the hiring landscape in ways that could be long lasting, technology leaders say.

A recent jobs report from the World Economic Forum describes a 'double disruption' for workers this past year, in which a worldwide lockdown and economic contraction were paired with the transformation of the workplace by an accelerated adoption of technology..."

If 2020 was the year where demand and deployment of cloud services ramped up - primarily as a result of the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic - 2021 will be the year where more sophisticated strategies will have to be developed

"The reason: to avoid security snafus, vendor lock-in fears, and costly compliance concerns. In other words, these are the same issues which have plagued cloud migration since the first EC2 instances were launched almost a decade and a half ago. But there are better ways to future-proof deployments now.

Kees Birkhoff, group offer leader for cloud at Capgemini, espouses cloud economics as an important part in the process; using a fiscal model to record and monitor cloud usage and expenditure..."

Remote Work: 3 Ways To Supercharge Your Team In 2021
The Enterprisers Project, January 6th, 2021
The New Year brings a new opportunity to energize your team members. Consider these creative tactics to boost creativity, collaboration, and engagement in the virtual workplace

"If you think team building inevitably involves trust falls, zip lines, escape rooms, or paintball, it's time to let go of that notion. These types of activities probably won't be happening anytime soon, and some of the introverts on your team (like me) might not enjoy them anyway.

The good news is you likely already have technology tools that can help nurture a culture of transparency, collaboration, and engagement. Here are a few novel ideas I picked up over the past year to help supercharge your team in 2021..."

IT certifications can help you quickly gain and validate valuable skills and know-how in a domain that will further your career. Here are the most popular IT certs today

"Certifications can validate your IT skills and experience to show employers you have the expertise to get the job done. You can get certified in skills you already have or skills you'd like to put to use in your career - whatever your reason, certifications are a great way to strengthen your resume and set yourself apart from other candidates in a job search.

According to the 2021 IT Salary report from Robert Half, IT professionals holding the following popular certifications can earn 5% to 10% more than their peers. Whether you're just starting out and building your resume or you've been in the industry for 20 years, there's a certification that can help boost your salary and your career..."

IT Hiring: 5 Truths About Executive Search Firms
The Enterprisers Project, January 8th, 2021
Looking to fill a key IT leadership role?If you're retaining a search firm for help, here's what you need to know

"So you've decided to use a retained executive search firm to fill a technology leadership role. Perhaps you've collected a list of firms to consider from your personal network, your head of HR, and your talent acquisition team.

Like many employers, you might then narrow your list to three firms, ask each one to pitch, and review each firm's track record, processes, and fees. But this is an important hire - how can you be confident you're choosing the right firm to partner with?..."

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