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Dell's newest lineup of products includes updated Latitude laptops, new OptiPlex Ultra desktop PCs and curved video conferencing monitors

"After a year like 2020, it's no surprise that PC makers such as Dell Technologies are getting off to a quick start in 2021. Last year saw massive demand for PCs and monitors as much of the workforce shifted to working from home. In particular, demand surged for laptops as workers sought a mobile solution for computing within different rooms of the home. As 2021 gets underway, Dell is unveiling an array of new business PCs-both Latitude laptops and OptiPlex desktops--along with new monitors aimed at video conferencing. Key themes of the new devices include a focus on collaboration and productivity for the remote workforce. The introductions come just ahead of CES 2021, which is being held in an all-virtual format next week.

What follows are seven big Dell product launches being announced ahead of CES 2021..."

Work smarter than ever before with the industry's most intelligent, secure and sustainable business PCs

Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) unveiled new products and software that reimagine work so anyone can perform at their best. With a new portfolio of intelligent, collaborative and sustainable devices, Dell is transforming work experiences to give people greater flexibility to work from anywhere.

'People's expectations of their technology continue to evolve. It's why we push beyond barriers to create devices that offer better experiences and are more integrated into our lives,' said Ed Ward, senior vice president, Client Product Group, Dell Technologies. 'Our new intelligent PCs make it possible for us to work smarter and collaborate easier, so we can give our best selves in all that we do. Secure, sustainable and smart: that's the way forward for PCs.'

From The Cutting Room Floor To Flying Drones
Dell News, January 6th, 2021
As an Adobe Master Trainer, what video editing tools are you most excited about? How has the use of Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro evolved over the years?

"Luisa Winters, co-owner of Mid-Atlantic Drones, is an Adobe Master Trainer, a certified pilot, and has more than 30 years' experience in video production and cinematography. In 2011 she became interested in 'the tripod that flies.' Luisa now combines her passions and expertise to capture award-winning footage for clients across real estate, construction, agriculture and other industries.

As a #DellInsideCircle member, Luisa uses her Dell Precision 5750 mobile workstation daily. We sat down with her to hear more about the role of drones in the construction industry, the appeal of Adobe After Effects, and the evolution of video editing tools..."

Container-based architectures are being rapidly adopted by nearly every DevOps team and enterprise IT organization making the transition to cloud-native and automated environments

"By making this move, these developers realize greater application agility and better business outcomes. At the same time, developers get to focus more on applications and microservices and less on the underlying infrastructure through the use of platforms like Google Cloud's Anthos.

However, selecting a modern infrastructure that supports a move toward containers remains paramount, whether on-premises, in multi-cloud environments, or hybrid scenarios. As container deployments mature and scale, bare metal architectures offer additional choice and flexibility, while maintaining support for orchestration tools such as Kubernetes. Also, the ability to run on bare metal allows organizations to achieve the full performance potential of containerized applications..."

The Year Of IT
Dell News, January 5th, 2021
A review of some of the true server heroes of 2020: our customers

"Looking back at 2020, I am truly inspired by the heroic actions of IT organizations! Many of us who rely on IT daily to manage our applications, help us recover our passwords, and save us from our own mistakes often forget how much we depend on our IT teams to keep us productive and successful. I remember how quickly our own Dell Technologies IT organization responded last year, enabling us to work from home and delivering critical resources no matter where we were physically located. And this was not unique to Dell - organizations and companies around the globe have relied on their IT teams to keep them productive, safe, and successful. This year in so many ways has been a year for IT. I am very grateful for being part of a company that has helped IT support so many people around the globe..."

From content creators and engineers to data analysts and marketers, we are all looking for that perfect office setup to help us be most productive

"That's exactly what our new commercial range of Dell monitors is all about: elevating work experiences and boosting employee productivity.

As more companies embrace a hybrid work model, it is critical to invest in technology that can help employees better collaborate no matter where they are working or what role they are in. From content creators and engineers to data analysts and marketers, we are all looking for that perfect office setup to help us be most productive. That's exactly what our new commercial range of Dell monitors is all about: elevating work experiences and boosting employee productivity..."

What makes VMware Horizon on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP) an attractive VDI solution? We highlight the top 5 reasons.

"The aroma of coffee permeates homes around the world as millions of employees log on to their computers to start their workdays. Although working from home is something many are still getting used to, a cup of morning joe or a favorite tea and a 'hey, how's it going' from caring colleagues is what gets them through this massive change in their traditional work style.

In many instances, remote working was rapidly implemented by companies in response to COVID-19, but there are many indications that 'working from anywhere' in some form is here to stay. In a 2020 Dell Technologies customer survey:..."

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