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IT - CxO
2020 Set The Stage For Cybersecurity Priorities In 2021
HelpNet Security, December 31st, 2020
It's safe to assume that pretty much everyone is ready to move on from 2020. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, political battles, and social unrest, this has been a stressful year in so many ways
5 Must-Read Harvard Business Review Articles In January
The Enterprisers Project, January 1st, 2020
Check out these five thought-provoking HBR articles, curated especially for CIOs and IT leaders
5 Priorities For CIOs In 2021
The Enterprisers Project, December 30th, 2020
CIOs have shouldered a heavy burden in 2020, implementing digital initiatives to keep their organizations afloat. As we move toward the next phase, focus on these five key areas
6 Habits Of Successful IT Leaders In 2021
The Enterprisers Project, December 28th, 2020
One thing we have learned from the pandemic crisis is how much improvement many of us need as IT leaders. With the fresh start of the new year approaching, here are key habits to develop
Cisco, VMware, Nutanix Among Biggest Tech Battles Of 2020
sdxcentral, December 31st, 2020
The world's biggest technology vendors' battles over market share, rankings, and overall bragging rights continued in 2020, and this year the feuds stretched from the clouds to court and even to a galaxy far, far away
Here Are The Top Tech Trends Of 2021, According To 30+ Top Experts
Fast Company, December 30th, 2020
As we come to the end of a crazy 2020, many of us are suffering from COVID-19 exhaustion. But as two vaccines begin their rollouts, we've also begun to visualize what post-pandemic life might be like
IT Leaders' Top 15 Takeaways From 2020
CIO, December 28th, 2020
From IT's resilience to the importance of being intentional, CIOs share insights on what 2020 has taught them about IT's value to the business and what it means to work as a team
Our Top 10 Articles Of 2020 For IT Leaders
The Enterprisers Project, December 31st, 2020
Our readers found these articles - on digital transformation, Zoom tips, virtual onboarding, Kubernetes, emotional intelligence, and more - the most valuable. Dig in for IT leadership wisdom to start the new year
Top 10 Information Management Stories Of 2020
ComputerWeekly, December 30th, 2020
Here are Computer Weekly's top 10 information management stories of 2020
Top 10 Technology Analysts Of 2020
eWeek, December 28th, 2020
Here is a list of the top 10 technology analysts who received the most press coverage in 2020 in the U.S. and Europe
Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends Of 2021
SearchCIO, December 31st, 2020
In 2021, low-code, MLOps, multi-cloud management and data streaming will drive business agility and speed companies along in their digital transformation journeys
Top CIOs And IT Organizations Of 2020
CIO, December 28th, 2020
Our CIO 100 and CIO50 awards recognize outstanding IT leadership in the US, UK, Southeast Asia, India, Australia, and New Zealand
IT - CxO Events
CIO: Behind The AI-Driven Enterprise: Security, Management, and Connecting the Edge (Jan 6th)
Wednesday, January 6th, 2021: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
In the wake of recent business disruptions, more organizations are making use of mission-critical cloud resources to provide users with the best possible work environment. You are invited to a private, interactive virtual roundtable on Behind The AI-Driven Enterprise: Security, Management, and Connecting the Edge.
CIO: Ramping up your business: How to strike the right hybrid cloud balance (Jan 7th)
Thursday, January 7th, 2021: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Network with IT executives and learn how to strike the right hybrid cloud balance.
TechTalks: Now That Ransomware Has Gone Nuclear, How Can You Avoid Becoming the Next Victim? (Jan 7th)
Thursday, January 7th, 2021: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Join us for this webinar where, Roger Grimes, KnowBe4's Data-Driven Defense Evangelist
CIO: Virtual Sommelier Experience: The State of the CIO (Jan 13th)
Wednesday, January 13th, 2021: 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Confirmed guests will receive two bottles of wine, so we can all share in this experience from home.
TechTalks: Intelligent Data Protection for Your Unstructured Data (Jan 13th)
Wednesday, January 13th, 2021: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Join us for a webinar to discuss how this new integrated approach offers: Simplicity and resilience, Intelligence and Dramatic storage savings
CIO: Behind The AI-Driven Enterprise: Security, Management, and Connecting the Edge (Jan 20th)
Wednesday, January 20th, 2021: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
In the wake of recent business disruptions, more organizations are making use of mission-critical cloud resources to provide users with the best possible work environment. You are invited to a private, interactive virtual roundtable
IT - Storage
30 TB PCIe 4.0 SSDs, 20 TB HDDs Push Storage Limits in 2020
SearchStorage, December 31st, 2020
Enterprise storage drives continued to push the limits of performance and capacity in 2020, with fast new PCIe Gen 4 SSDs at 30 TB and energy-assisted HDDs at 20 TB
8 Emerging Data Storage Trends To Watch In 2021
CRN, December 30th, 2020
A focus on the actual business requirements from storage infrastructures, and not on the legacy discussions about speeds and feeds, the names on the bezels, and where the data is actually located, will characterize the storage industry of 2021 and beyond.
IT - Security
10 Benefits Of Running Cybersecurity Exercises
Dark Reading, December 28th, 2020
There may be no better way to ascertain your organization's strengths and weaknesses than by running regular security drills
2020 Work-For-Home Shift: What We Learned
threatpost, December 29th, 2020
Threatpost explores 5 big takeaways from 2020 - and what they mean for 2021
6 Common Types Of Cyber Attacks And How To Prevent Them
SearchSecurity, December 31st, 2020
To prevail in the battle against cybercrime, companies must understand how they are being attacked. Here are the six most damaging types of cyber attacks and how to prevent them
A Look Back At The Top 9 Data Breaches Of 2020
CISOMAG, December 28th, 2020
A shift towards remote working in the year 2020 expanded the already fragile threat landscape. Invariably, the number of breaches supporting this work culture went up drastically. At the end of this eventful year, let us sit back and look at the top nine data breaches that grabbed headlines and taught us a lesson or two
Cybersecurity Challenges In 2021 And How To Address Them
SearchSecurity, December 30th, 2020
Security teams faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. The year ahead appears no less daunting. Here are the cybersecurity trends -- and safeguards -- to take into account in 2021
Editor's Picks: Top Cybersecurity Articles Of 2020
SearchSecurity, December 29th, 2020
As the year no one could have predicted comes to a close, SearchSecurity takes a 30,000-foot view of the cybersecurity trends and challenges that defined the last 12 months
Four Ways To Improve The Relationship Between Security And IT
HelpNet Security, December 31st, 2020
Corporate security and IT departments and the people who lead them often have complicated relationships. But does it really have to be that way?
Insider Threat vs. Insider Risk: What's The Difference?
SearchSecurity, December 30th, 2020
Identifying, managing and mitigating insider threats is far different than protecting against insider risks. Read up on the difference and types of internal risks here
Key Cyber Security Trends To Look Out For In 2021
Information Age, December 31st, 2020
Greg Day, vice-president and chief security officer, EMEA at Palo Alto Networks, discusses the key cyber security trends that are set to emerge in 2021
Ransomware In 2020: A Banner Year For Extortion
threatpost, December 28th, 2020
From attacks on the UVM Health Network that delayed chemotherapy appointments, to ones on public schools that delayed students going back to the classroom, ransomware gangs disrupted organizations to inordinate levels in 2020
Security Pros Reflect On 2020
Dark Reading, December 29th, 2020
Eight cybersecurity leaders go deep on their most valuable (and very human) takeaways from a year like no other we've known
The 5 Most-Wanted Threatpost Stories Of 2020
threatpost, December 30th, 2020
A look back at what was hot with readers - offering a snapshot of the security stories that were most top-of-mind for security professionals and consumers throughout the year
The Worst Hacks Of 2020, A Surreal Pandemic Year
Wired, December 28th, 2020
From ransomware schemes to supply chain attacks, this year melded classic hacks with extraordinary circumstances
What You Need To Know About Security Challenges In 2021
Network Computing, December 28th, 2020
Businesses must adapt their security practices, so they can take advantage of the benefits of work-from-home models without creating extra risks
What's Next For Ransomware In 2021?
threatpost, December 31st, 2020
Ransomware response demands a whole-of-business plan before the next attack, according to our roundtable of experts
Recruitment CRM And The Remote Work Model
Business 2 Community, January 1st, 2020
The ultimate test of a company's ability to adapt this year lies in how well its team and operations adjust to a remote work model, especially if the shift from office to remote was an unexpected occurrence much like the majority of cases this year
A Complete Guide To Learning Management Systems
Business 2 Community, December 28th, 2020
This is a complete guide to Learning Management Systems, which will help every organization and learner in understanding the tiniest details about using an LMS. So, let's begin!
2021: The Year AI Goes Mainstream
Datamation, December 31st, 2020
This decade will likely be thought of as the real launchpad of practical AI and, by the end of it, we'll be up to our necks in robots, automation, and ever more capable digital assistants
Cybersecurity Must Be The Top Priority For The Board In 2021
AiTHORITY, December 30th, 2020
The impact will be felt from top to bottom within the organization. Put simply: businesses can no longer afford to ignore cybersecurity
Fiction vs. Reality: The True Potential Of AI
ITProPortal, January 1st, 2020
For successful AI adoption, a lot can be learned from consumer behaviour and understanding
Here's What Happened In The World Of Artificial Intelligence In 2020
The Next Web, December 29th, 2020
The year 2020 was long and treacherous, but the biggest bright spot for me was the official launch of Neural. That's our AI sub-brand here at TNW and the section you're reading this article in
How Artificial Intelligence Will Be Used In 2021
TechCrunch, December 31st, 2020
Scale AI CEO Alexandr Wang forecasts the biggest emerging use cases
Using AI To Provide Expert Help To IT And Developer Teams
AiTHORITY, December 29th, 2020
AI ML have shown early promise for automating high volume, simple questions typical in call centers and front-line IT and developer support
IT - Technology
2020's Most Important Chrome OS Advice And Analysis
ComputerWorld, December 29th, 2020
Calling all Chromebook owners: Your holiday reading list awaits you
7 Technologies That Surged Or Reemerged In 2020
Network Computing, January 1st, 2020
Many networking and infrastructure technologies that shined in 2020 will play a major role in the enterprise in years to come
8 Edge Computing Trends To Watch In 2021
The Enterprisers Project, December 29th, 2020
What's next for edge computing, and how should it shape your strategy? Experts weigh in on edge trends and talk workloads, cloud partnerships, security, and related issues
Automation Nation: 9 Robotics Predictions For 2021
ZDNet, December 30th, 2020
What to expect in automation in the retail automation sector in 2021
In 2020, Videoconferencing Gained An Enterprise Foothold. Now What?
ComputerWorld, December 30th, 2020
The pandemic continues, and changes it brought to the workplace - the wholesale move to remote work - appear to be here to stay. So how will videoconferencing firms respond over the next 12 months?
Laptops, Desktops Shortage Set To Continue For The Foreseeable Future, December 28th, 2020
Shortages in laptops and desktops could possibly last until 2022
Predictions 2021: Here's What's Coming In Enterprise Technology
siliconANGLE, December 29th, 2020
Tech spending will rebound to 4% growth in 2021 and could go even higher
Researchers Achieve Sustained, High-Fidelity Quantum Teleportation, December 29th, 2020
A viable quantum internet-a network in which information stored in qubits is shared over long distances through entanglement-would transform the fields of data storage, precision sensing and computing, ushering in a new era of communication
See Boston Dynamics Robots Show Off Seriously Impressive Dance Moves
CNET, December 29th, 2020
Looks like the Boston Dynamics robots can now learn choreography. And you thought you were a good dancer?
The 'Rapid Response' Tool Businesses Are Using Right Now
insideBIGDATA, December 30th, 2020
Being in the business of data has never been more important than it is right now
IT - Database
9 Trends That Show Databases Are Dominating The Enterprise Data Stack
VentureBeat, December 29th, 2020
Join us for the world's leading event about accelerating enterprise transformation with AI and Data, for enterprise technology decision-makers, presented by the #1 publisher in AI and Data
IT - Server
Server Market Revenue Reached $22.6 Billion In 3Q20
HelpNet Security, December 30th, 2020
Vendor revenue in the worldwide server market grew 2.2% year over year to $22.6 billion during the third quarter of 2020 (3Q20), according to IDC. Worldwide server shipments declined 0.2% year over year to nearly 3.1 million units in 3Q20
Top 10 Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Solutions
Datamation, December 29th, 2020
Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) helps organizations virtualize storage, servers, and networks. HCI takes a software-centric approach to building IT infrastructure
IT - Linux
This CentOS Alternative Will Be Available By Spring 2021, December 28th, 2020
Has already received offers of help from several organizations
IT - Cloud
4 Cloud And Data Trends To Look For In 2021
TheNextWeb, December 29th, 2020
In the previous decade, when all the talk for 2020 was about the 5G revolution, IoT, distributed ledger technologies, and quantum computing, no one could have imagined the turbulence that lay ahead, or the important role cloud would play in making the transition to digital work a little less bumpy. And it's importance will only increase in the years ahead
Five Keys To An Effective Hybrid Cloud Migration Strategy
SearchCloudComputing, December 28th, 2020
The call to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy is persistent. Vendors suggest it, and management teams listen. So, what does it take to actually adopt the hybrid cloud approach?
Top 10 Cloud Stories Of 2020
ComputerWeekly, December 29th, 2020
The onset of the pandemic in early 2020 undoubtedly had a transformational impact on enterprise adoption rates of cloud technologies, as IT leaders grappled with how best to enable their teams to work remotely
IT - DevOps
Top 10 DevOps Articles Of 2020
The Enterprisers Project, December 29th, 2020
Check out our most popular DevOps articles of the year - for lessons you can use in 2021 and answers to key DevOps questions
Remote Disaster Recovery Presents New Business Challenges
SearchDisasterRecovery, December 28th, 2020
With more employees working remotely than ever, natural disasters and other typical DR crises present an entirely new challenge. How can businesses tackle this new set of risks?
IT - Networks
Internet 2021: Here's What The New Year Will (And Won't) Bring
ZDNet, December 28th, 2020
Now more than ever we depend on the internet for work, school, and fun. Will the internet providers rise to the challenge? Prob"ably not
IT - IoT
How To Use IoT Authentication And Authorization For Security
IoT Agenda, December 29th, 2020
IT administrators can determine which IoT authentication and authorization type, such as one-way or three-way, will serve them best based on their latency and data requirements
Take Lessons From The Best 5 IoT Blogs Of 2020
IoT Agenda, December 31st, 2020
IT administrators can catch up on the most popular topics of 2020 with IoT blogs on remote security, healthcare IoT and open source analytics platforms.
IT - Careers
10 Most 'Disruptive' Information Technology Jobs In The Year Ahead
ZDNet, December 29th, 2020
Artificial intelligence, DevOps-related skills drawing the highest premium, analysis of almost two million job openings finds
5 Tips For Leading IT Remotely
CIO, December 30th, 2020
With WFH and hybrid workplace strategies stretching into 2021, IT leaders must settle in to new work habits to ensure success in leading IT from afar
After Embracing Remote Work In 2020, Companies Face Conflicts Making It Permanent
VentureBeat, January 1st, 2020
Join us for the world's leading event about accelerating enterprise transformation with AI and Data, for enterprise technology decision-makers, presented by the #1 publisher in AI and Data
Future Of Remote Work: IT Leader Survey Focuses On Telecommuting, Productivity, And More
TechRepublic, December 28th, 2020
Many CIOs and CTOs want to bring employees back on-site "once a COVID-19 vaccine is in place."
Manage A Distributed Team With These 5 Types Of Tools
Business 2 Community, December 28th, 2020
Remote working has been growing in strength for more than a decade now. The pandemic has only accelerated this growth. As businesses have come to realize, you do not always need an office space to be productive
IT - Virtualization
Get To Know Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1 And Learn To Install It
SearchServerVirtualization, December 30th, 2020
Oracle VM VirtualBox offers a host of appealing features, such as multigeneration branched snapshots and guest multiprocessing
IT - Compliance
Data Sanitization Techniques: Standards, Practices, Legislation
SearchDataBackup, December 30th, 2020
An effective data sanitization process lessens the chance that your organization's valuable data could be stolen or compromised, and enhances compliance
IT - Backup
3 Ways Recovery And Continuity Are Essential To Your Digital Transformation Strategy
Network Computing, December 31st, 2020
Business continuity not only protects against downtime and security threats but also enhances and even speeds up overall digital transformation efforts.
Best Enterprise Backup And Recovery Software Solutions
StorageNewsletter, December 28th, 2020
Veeam Backup & Replication, Commvault, Zerto, Cohesity DataProtect, and Rubrik
IT - Big Data
7 On-The-Ground Big Data Strategies For 2021
TechRepublic, December 30th, 2020
Don't forget the routine tasks that make big data work for your company
DDN News
DDN's High-Capacity Storage Solutions Adopted For 'AI Bridging Green Cloud Infrastructure' Supercomputer System For Japan's National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology
AiTHORITY, December 28th, 2020
DDN Provides 11.2 Petabytes of Storage for One of the World's Largest Computational Infrastructures for AI Processing
Cisco News
The 10 Top Cisco News Stories Of 2020
CRN, December 31st, 2020
In case the global pandemic and its far-reaching impacts didn't keep Cisco busy enough this year, the tech giant also made a handful of acquisitions, shuffled around its executive leadership team and business units, and announced a $1B cost-cutting plan
VMware News
Our 2030 Agenda
VMWare News, December 28th, 2020
VMware commits to achieving 30x30, 30 goals by 2030
Veeam News
Expert Webinar: With Sam Nicholls, David Hill - Jan 14th
Veeam News, December 28th, 2020
Dell News
Designing From The Home Office
Dell News, December 31st, 2020
A conversation with Daniel Stine from Lake - Flato Architects
The 10 Top Dell Technologies News Stories Of 2020
CRN, December 29th, 2020
From PowerStore and VxRail to a new global channel chief and Project Apex, CRN breaks down the top ten biggest Dell Technologies news stories of 2020
Microsoft News
Five Microsoft Technologies To Watch In 2021
ZDNet, December 30th, 2020
Though making predictions is more precarious in this environment than ever, here's my list of five Microsoft technologies which I think could impact Microsoft's business customer base in 2021
Fortinet News
Fortinet Gives Back Through Community Engagement
Fortinet News, December 31st, 2020
The year 2020 has brought rapid change, and many people are beginning to see the long-lasting impact of the public health pandemic
Next Generation Businesses Require A Security-Driven Network
Fortinet News, December 28th, 2020
Today's networks are distributed across so many devices and environments, many of them temporary and all of them in a constant state of flux, that the notion of a perimeter has been almost completely abandoned
Securing Your Environments On The Edge
Fortinet News, December 29th, 2020
As centralized visibility is sacrificed for performance and agility, threats like swarm-based attacks and Edge Access Trojans loom ever larger
Red Hat News
Friday Five - January 1, 2021
Red Hat News, January 1st, 2020
The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye
Top 10 Red Hat Blogs From 2020
Red Hat News, December 28th, 2020
Just like that, 2021 is closing in on us. Too soon? Not soon enough? We'll let you decide.
Citrix News
5 Ways To Connect And Play During Citrix Field Kickoff
Citrix News, December 30th, 2020
Citrix Field Kickoff 2021 will bring the excitement of Citrix to living rooms, kitchens, and offices around the world over the course of six days - January 12-14 and 19-21, 2021
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