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7 Ways To Use Raspberry Pi In Enterprise IT
The Enterprisers Project, November 12th, 2020
From team-building exercises to low-cost security and Kubernetes experiments, consider these ways enterprise IT pros can use Raspberry Pi devices

"While pie may or may not be the next big adventure in pandemic baking, Raspberry Pi has been growing as a trend among enterprise IT pros for years.

Beloved for its low cost, flexibility, and ease of use, Raspberry Pi devices have enabled teams to create, experiment, test, and add value to the work they are doing. As the end of the year approaches, consider how Raspberry Pi can help your team connect in new ways while building value for the future..."

Thunderbolt 4 has been pegged as the 'most complete version of USB-C'

"In January of 2020, Intel announced the next generation of their ground-breaking Thunderbolt technology, Thunderbolt 4, at one of the most important technology and innovation conferences in the world, CES.

Bringing together the fastest speeds, most advanced protocols, and dependable standardization, Thunderbolt 4 has been pegged as the 'most complete version of USB-C", offering a top tier user experience and 'unrivalled simplicity.'

With Thunderbolt 4 laptops hitting the market and many more devices arriving in the coming months, it's time to get to know the technology and understand its true performance capabilities.

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Startups need to live in the future. They create roadmaps, build products and continually upgrade them with an eye on next year - or even a few years out.

"Big companies, often the target customers for startups, live in a much more near-term world. They buy technologies that can solve problems they know about today, rather than those they may face a couple bends down the road. In other words, they're driving a Dodge, and most tech entrepreneurs are driving a DeLorean equipped with a flux-capacitor.

That situation can lead to a huge waste of time for startups that want to sell to enterprise customers: a business development black hole. Startups are talking about technology shifts and customer demands that the executives inside the large company - even if they have 'innovation,' 'IT,' or 'emerging technology' in their titles - just don't see as an urgent priority yet, or can't sell to their colleagues..."

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