Gone are the days of coffee machine chatter and overhearing a colleague's phone calls. But employers like Siemens and Uber Freight have found a few workarounds

"For many employers, gone are the days when co-workers stopped by their colleagues' desks for a quick chat, or joined them in a breakout room to walk through a demo of the newest widget. Even in workplaces that have remained open during the pandemic, social distancing practices and other measures strictly limit person-to-person contact.

Yet it's not just casual chatter at the coffee machine that has been lost due to COVID-19. Executives who spoke to HR Dive said that movement to a remote-work environment can have a tangible impact on how workers learn from their colleagues on the job..."

When was the last time you stepped completely out of your comfort zone and joined a department and position that are not in line with your CV?

"It might feel intimidating for some, a waste of time for others.

Now, let me ask the question this way: When was the last time you decided to explore something new and ended up gaining a lot of new insights and learnings? I suspect many will recall multiple instances of such situations.

For me, the journey started around one-and-half years ago. Well, to be honest, it actually started earlier, when I decided to join a rotational program within Philips: three different positions in three years. It sounded like a great learning opportunity..."

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