Fugaku is currently the most powerful publicly ranked supercomputer in the world - but we weren't supposed to have it yet

"The supercomputer, situated at Japan's Riken scientific research institute, was scheduled to come online in 2021. When the pandemic struck, Riken decided to launch Fugaku almost a year ahead of schedule. Since then, Riken and Fugaku have found a particular niche in the crowded COVID-19 research landscape, conducting a swath of intensive simulations focused on how viral droplets proliferate through masks, face shields, train cars and more - and in the process, drawing a very direct line between supercomputing and the general public. HPCwire spoke with Dr. Makoto Tsubokura, head of the Complex Phenomena Unified Simulation Research Team at Riken, to learn more about the past, present and future of Riken's policy-targeted coronavirus research..."

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