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Five Traits To Look For In A Distributed File System
Datacore News, November 11th, 2020
The rate of growth of organizational data and scale of expansion of the modern data center - mainly considering the distributed architecture of today's IT systems - necessitates a more centralized system of data storage management that breaks the barriers of siloed storage capacity and rigid dependency structures

"Today's users and applications need anytime, anywhere access to data stored in any location. This is possible with a distributed file system (DFS) that is based on a client/server architecture where data storage across distributed storage systems is managed on a centralized server and made accessible to clients via file sharing protocols such as NFS and SMB.

File virtualization technology incorporated into a DFS helps create an abstraction layer between file servers and clients allowing IT teams to present clients with one logical file mount point for all servers, while the file servers continue to host all the file data. Especially in the world of unstructured data, DFS plays a cardinal role in providing a unified and logical view of data scattered across local and remote locations including the cloud..."

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