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DDNsiders interactive user portal enables technology and IT professionals to share innovative ideas, workflows and business best practices with DDN domain experts and achieve highest levels of data-driven insight.

"This new, interactive online user portal will provide customers with a platform to connect and collaborate with peers to share expertise, best practices and exchange ideas. Developed in response to customer demand and a desire to extend the outstanding DDN User Group experience all year long, DDNsiders content is driven by users, provides access to exclusive information on DDN Intelligent Infrastructure solutions, services and specific applications, and is a direct pipeline to the DDN development team.

Innovation, best in class technology, and exceptional customer delight are at the forefront of DDN's corporate commitment, and DDNsiders is an extension of those core ideas. Offering a range of activities, interactive programs, opportunities for product training, discussion boards and more, DDNsiders provides a comprehensive platform for customers to not only learn from each other but have fun doing it. Customers earn reward points for engaging in activities on the site, such as participating in a discussion, viewing documentation or responding to a survey. Reward points can be redeemed for prizes ranging from gift cards to executive lunches and training days..."

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