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Oracle is pleased to announce that Oracle Private Cloud Appliance version 2.4.3 is certified with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 and 13.3 releases.

"This certification enables the discovery, monitoring, and management of multiple Oracle Private Cloud Appliances. As well as providing role-based access control features, Oracle Enterprise Manager enables infrastructure as a service (IaaS) private cloud, with role-based access control on the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance. Oracle Private Cloud Appliance version 2.4.3 introduces a new Kubernetes as a service feature, this capability is only available with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4 Update 6 (

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is a turnkey engineered system built for rapid and extremely cost-effective deployment of private clouds. It runs both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads on a mix of operating systems, including Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Microsoft Windows..."

We are pleased to announce the availability of Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.6, providing a new HTML5 client, simpler installation and easier maintenance in the cloud and on premises.

"Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) is a web-based solution that allows users to remotely access data and applications in a data center or the cloud. It provides administrators with a single pane of glass to manage secure access to resources with a completely air-gapped, highly secure connection between the client and the data and applications accessed, allowing complete control of which user can access which application and the server it runs on, all through a convenient web interface..."

We know 2020 has bombarded HR leaders with endless challenges, from managing the shift to remote work and dealing with workforce changes or furloughs to planning for an (eventual) safe return to work. And to ease the burden, my team has been working diligently to deliver solutions that can help

"We continue to be committed to our customers' success: partnering with them, innovating for them, and recognizing their successes. Now more than ever, we know our customers are looking for a leader to help them define what's next for their organizations. We are dedicated to being that leader and delivering best-in-class solutions for any HR team, across any industry, and in any region.

Here's a quick recap of what we've been up to: ..."

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the most stressful year in history and negatively affected the mental health of 78% of the global workforce

"2020 has been the most stressful year in history for the global workforce and people want robots to help, according to a new study by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence, an HR research and advisory firm. The study of more than 12,000 employees, managers, HR leaders, and C-level executives across 11 countries found that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased workplace stress, anxiety, and burnout for people all around the world, and they prefer robots instead of other people to help..."

In many organizations, a data science project likely involves the data scientist pulling data to a separate analytics server - analyzing and preparing data and building machine learning models locally

"As enterprises grow their data science teams and data volumes expand, common access to data and the ability to analyze that data in place can dramatically reduce time-to-project-deployment and overall complexity.

Building models and scoring data at scale is a hallmark for Oracle's in-database machine learning - Oracle Machine Learning. Combine this with Oracle Autonomous Database - the converged database with auto-scale capabilities - and a team of data scientists can work comfortably in the same environment. In this blog post, we take a look at factors affecting machine learning model building performance as well as performance numbers illustrating the performance and scalability possible with Oracle Machine Learning. In a subsequent post, we'll discuss scoring performance..."

New innovations help customers enhance decision making, improve visibility, and unlock new growth opportunities

"To help small and mid-sized organizations across industries adapt to change and build for the future, Oracle NetSuite today announced a series of new innovations within the NetSuite platform. The latest updates to NetSuite help organizations streamline and enhance financial, supply chain, and operational management, while also improving the employee and customer experience..."

Customers using Oracle Banking Payments can now tap into new SWIFT gpi service

Oracle Banking Payments is supporting SWIFT's latest service to make global cross-border payments fast, easy, predictable, and frictionless for small and medium enterprises (SME) and consumer markets.

'Oracle has long collaborated with SWIFT, and we are proud to be part of the early stages of design and pilot of this new service,' said Sonny Singh, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Financial Services. 'We see great potential for banks that are competing against fintechs and alternate networks when it comes to cross-border payments. SWIFT's new service offers the possibility of borderless low-cost account-to-account currency transfers from the bank's own app or portal, and Oracle Banking Payments' readiness makes this transition easy and fast for SMEs.'

Integrated solution provides a new level of visibility and control for software deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, multicloud environments, and on-premises systems

"Oracle today announced the Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform, bringing together a comprehensive set of management, diagnostic, and analytics services that help customers eliminate the complexity, risk, and cost associated with today's fragmented approach for managing multicloud and on-premises environments. The Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform is available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and is the industry's most complete solution, consisting of a suite of services that provide a unified view across the entire software stack. It enables easy diagnostics of cloud-native and traditional technologies deployed in the cloud or on-premises. With built-in machine learning, it automatically detects anomalies and enables quick remediation in near-real time..."

Gartner recognizes Oracle in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Configure, Price and Quote Application Suites

"What's the best experience you've ever had making a purchase? For me, it was the last time I changed car insurance providers. Kind of surprising, right? It was so fast and the options were so clear every step of the way, it was practically painless (and I saved a pretty decent chunk of change).

Most of us have a story that sits in the back of our minds, even if we don't typically think about it much. I'd be surprised if you didn't, because if you're anything like me, when you have a lousy experience, you probably think something along the lines of 'Why can't I just do it this way?!'

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