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Run MacOS Software On Linux Using Darling
OSTechNix, October 6th, 2020
We have Wine, a free and open-source compatibility layer that helps us to install and run applications and games developed for Windows on Linux and Unix-like operating systems

"We also have an emulator named Dosbox to run good-old MS-DOS games and defunct C++ compilers like Turbo C++ in Linux. What about macOS software? Have you ever wondered how to run applications specifically for mac under Linux? That's what we are going to do now. This guide explains how to run macOS software on Linux operating systems using Darling runtime environment.

Darling is a translation layer that allows us to run macOS applications on Linux. It emulates a complete Darwin environment, including Mach, dyld, launchd and everything you'd expect. It lets you to instantly switch to a Bash shell and start running the applications built for macOS in your Linux system. Sounds cool, yeah?..."

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