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5 IoT Security Threats To Prioritize
IoT Agenda, October 8th, 2020
Certain IoT security concerns are hard to forget, such as IoT botnets, but others might not come to mind as easily, such as DNS threats and physical device attacks

"With IoT's large attack surface and inherent lack of security, hackers have more opportunities to enter an organization's networks. The IoT industry does not have one clear set of security standards for developers and manufacturers to build in consistent security, but there are many security best practices. IT admins might find it difficult to keep track of and update devices, which can remain in the field for many years.

Hackers scan networks for devices and known vulnerabilities and increasingly use nonstandard ports to get network access. Once they have device access, it is easier to avoid detection through fileless malware or software memory on the device..."

Is IoT Vital For The Future Success Of Businesses?
HelpNet Security, October 5th, 2020
Vodafone Business launched a report focused on the impact IoT is having on businesses at a time when their digital capabilities are put to the test by the COVID-19 pandemic

"The report features responses from 1,639 businesses globally, exploring how they are using IoT and how IoT is helping them be ready for the future.

IoT has made the difference for business success

The pandemic has forced almost all businesses to change their working practices and priorities in a matter of weeks, with the findings showing 77% of adopters increased the pace of IoT projects during this time.

Adopters clearly believe IoT was vital to keep them going: 84% said the technology was key to maintaining business continuity during the pandemic. As a result, 84% of adopters now view the integration of IoT devices with workers as a higher priority and 73% of businesses considering IoT agree the pandemic will accelerate their adoption plans..."

Most Enterprises Struggle With Iot Security Incident
HelpNet Security, October 9th, 2020
The ongoing global pandemic that has led to massive levels of remote work and an increased use of hybrid IT systems is leading to greater insecurity and risk exposure for enterprises

"According to new data released by Cybersecurity Insiders, 72% of organizations experienced an increase in endpoint and IoT security incidents in the last year, while 56% anticipate their organization will likely be compromised due to an endpoint or IoT-originated attack with the next 12 months.

The comprehensive survey of 325 IT and cybersecurity decision makers in the US, conducted in September 2020, represented a balanced cross-section of organizations from financial services, healthcare and technology to government and energy..."

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