The world is moving to a more intentional remote work set up, taking you with it. Stay prepared to lead better, with exemplary work etiquette!

"The term remote work was first coined in the early '70s by NASA engineer Jack Niles. The concept, however, has been prevalent a lot longer, spurred on by the first Industrial Revolution.

Craftsmen in trades such as carpentry, smithies, and food sold their wares from their homes. The mass-production of such goods resulted in factories with automated technology to speed up the work and reduce the number of manual hours and effort involved..."

HR Technology Landscape:2020 And Beyond
Business 2 Community, October 5th, 2020
There is a lot of digital transformation in the role of HR, and everybody talks about how technology is changing the world

"Some of the questions for the HR tech industry in 2020 and beyond are:

  • How can HR be ready for the future?
  • How will HR look in a couple of years from now?
  • How are we going to build a system in the HR function that makes people more productive?

According to Josh Bersin,

'The purpose of technology today is not to automate that we do already on paper; it's to make the experience better.'

There is a rapid evolution in every HR domain, be it payroll, recruiting, tech, or work..."

It's The End Of The Office As We Know It
ITProPortal, October 6th, 2020
The office is dead, right? Not so fast. Is now the time for a hybrid reality?

"The office is dead, right? Not so fast. Some organizations were quick to ditch bricks and mortar and adopt company-wide remote working for the foreseeable future, while others are choosing a more hybrid approach, opting to keep their physical base to occasionally be visited in tandem with remote working. Either way, it would seem that traditional working practices as we once knew them won't be returning any time soon. Does this spell the end of the office as we currently know it?..."

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