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Are You Ready For Smarter GPU Acceleration?
Dell EMC News, October 5th, 2020
Dell Technologies and NVIDIA deliver secure acceleration for AI, data analytics and HPC to tackle the world's toughest computing challenges

"When it comes to the power of server GPUs, nobody can get enough for AI and HPC for personalized medicine, conversational AI, recommendation engines and other data-driven applications. As a result, the demand for GPUs is soaring.

While data never sleeps, networking stacks can tax CPUs up to 30%, robbing them of the cycles needed to run applications. Smart NICs, with an on-board processor, can provide a wide range of CPU offload benefits and the market is projected to become a $600M market by 2024, or 23% of the total Ethernet adapter market, according to Dell'Oro Group..."

Bare Metal: Making A Comeback
Dell EMC News, October 6th, 2020
Information technology began its journey with mainframes. Then came the x86 revolution. x86 ruled the world by providing a platform to run applications and databases.

"Next came the age of virtualization, which shifted the focus from hardware to a software-defined infrastructure that allowed IT workers to run multiple applications on a single server with simple portability between servers.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, there is a new wave of 'as-a-service' solutions to address everything from infrastructure (IaaS) to platforms (PaaS) to all manner of software applications (SaaS). It is clear that 'as-a-service' is going to be here for a long time, as it provides greater flexibility in terms of commercial models (e.g., OpEx over CapEx, subscription-based) and operational agility (e.g., on-demand, self-serve, API-driven, automation)..."

Unleash Innovation With Poweredge And Openmanage
Dell EMC News, October 6th, 2020
Innovation is more than just getting there first. It is about understanding what it takes to deliver flawlessly and consistently. Importantly, it requires an enterprise-wide vision of data for a connected experience, rapid enablement and continuous refinement

"New capabilities across the Dell EMC PowerEdge server and OpenManage solutions portfolio help empower enterprises to become innovation engines with scalable, connected and reliable infrastructure and tools. Additionally, a new code collaboration with Splunk will help jump-start the insights-driven IT operations journey by uncovering the hidden insights in their data..."

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