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DDN, premier provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Management software and hardware solutions announced its A3I all-flash and hybrid storage system alongside NVIDIA's DGXTM POD will help amplify capabilities at CMKL University, Thailand (CMKL), the number-one AI University in Southeast Asia, to support an increasingly diverse set of research projects spanning from machine learning, connected and automated transportation, food and agricultural analytics to precision health and more

"Established as a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), CMKL University will integrate two DDN AI400X, the all-NVME flash appliances within the A3I product line of AI and analytics data solutions, with 645TB of raw flash capacity and 3.2PB of raw disk capacity to ensure maximum productivity of the six NVIDIA DGX A100 systems.

CMKL selected DDN because of performance, multi-rail network, the small footprint, and the trusted solution provided by DDN and NVIDIA demonstrated through the NVIDIA DGX Reference Architecture. New test results using NVIDIA A100 GPUs for deep learning report that higher throughput can directly translate to higher application performance and shorter run times, which allows institutions like CMKL to get 50 percent improved performance from their AI infrastructure compared to traditional NAS storage..."

AI is transforming workflows across industries, accelerating research, optimizing manufacturing, and creating new products in financial services.

"While AI is opening opportunities for almost every business, it is also a threat to those organizations that don't transform quickly enough. Repeatedly cited as a major barrier to the success of AI projects, infrastructure that can grow with escalating requirements is a must for data-driven organizations.

Deploying systems that deliver predictable, reliable performance to accelerate data science workflows does not need to be daunting or time consuming. NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, integrating DDN's A3I storage solutions, is the fastest path to scalable enterprise AI infrastructure. Designed and deployed in production to solve some of the most challenging data science challenges, the combination of GPU-accelerated computing with NVIDIA DGX A100 systems and the shared parallel storage architecture of the DDN AI400X is now available to all organizations as rapidly deployable supercomputing infrastructure, backed by the expertise of the leaders in AI computing and the leaders in AI storage. A complete reference architecture removes much of the complexity associated with the design, procurement and deployment of systems at this scale..."

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