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Companies introduce new model for streaming media delivery leveraging Open Caching architecture deployed at the edge of the service provider networks; it offers unprecedented levels of quality with open, global APIs endorsed by the Streaming Video Alliance

"Cisco, Qwilt and Digital Alpha (DA) announced today how together they are disrupting the commercial Content Delivery Network (CDN) market with a new as-a-service offering based on Open Caching, with BT as the flagship customer.

Streaming content is increasingly delivered in 4K and soon 8K, supporting augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) applications across multiple devices, over wireline and wireless connections. This drives network capacity demands, with consumer internet video traffic expected to comprise 82% of all (consumer) internet traffic by 2022, (up from 73% in 2017.).."

Global survey shows workers fear returning to the office and want better video meetings

"The pandemic has dramatically changed how we work-and how we feel about going back to our offices. According to a new global survey, 95% of workers are uncomfortable about returning to the office given the current health crisis, 98% expect future meetings will have participants joining from home, 53% of companies are planning to optimize their office footprint, and 96% want intelligent technology to improve work environments.

With that as the backdrop, Cisco's collaboration group today announced innovations for both the remote and the in-office experience-to help teams stay safe and get great work done as companies navigate 2020 and beyond..."

Solutions focus on fan safety, security, and experience

"As sports and entertainment venues begin reintroducing fans back to stadiums, arenas and event spaces, Verizon Business and Cisco announced today they are working together to offer solutions combining Verizon's 5G network and 5G Edge to provide a safer in-person experience.

To bring people back to in-person, large crowd entertainment, new measures are needed in order to help make the experience more secure and enjoyable including contactless physical access, social distancing, crowd management, wayfinding and seamless payments..."

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