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Now that JavaFX 15 has been released, let's take a look at some of the newest features. We spoke with Java Champion and Gluon co-founder Johan Vos to learn all about the latest JavaFX release, what to look forward to in JavaFX 16, and why JavaFX has a competitive edge

"JAXenter: JavaFX 15 has been released, can you tell us what new features it consists of?

Johan Vos: As always, the primary focus is on stability, and keeping the JavaFX APIs and their implementation up to date with hardware and software evolutions. That means that when new hardware or drivers are available, we make sure JavaFX can leverage them.

For example, in this JavaFX release, 3D support for newer intel drivers and support for e-paper displays on i.MX6 devices has been added. There is also increased support for static images on the different platforms. This makes it possible to leverage the JavaFX platform in applications that are compiled into native images.

In this release, 90 bugfixes have been applied, 9 enhancements, and 3 security fixes..."

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