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Differentiating Between Data Lakes And Data Warehouses
SmartDataCollective, September 23rd, 2020
When comparing data lake vs. data warehouse, it's important to know that these two things actually serve quite different roles. They manage data differently and serve their own types of functions

"The market for data warehouses is booming. One study forecasts that the market will be worth $23.8 billion by 2030. Demand is growing at an annual pace of 29%.

While there is a lot of discussion about the merits of data warehouses, not enough discussion centers around data lakes. We talked about enterprise data warehouses in the past, so let's contrast them with data lakes..."

The best data is the data that people actually use. Make sure the end user knows how to use the data tools for the best business results

"There are few vectors in big data that are more popular than GPS. Geographic positioning tells you where data came from. It enables you to visualize weather patterns, disease spread patterns, housing patterns, etc., and to cobble them together into a composite of data that can inform corporate strategy.

But the key to deriving the most value from data is being able to get it easily into a system where all of the data can be amalgamated into a holistic representation of what's really going on. This is where desktop integration that can occur by pushing a few buttons on a user workstation enters in and why it should be a key consideration in every big data use case. Let's take plotting the shipping lanes into a harbor as an example..."

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