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Global, Third-Party Logistics Provider Integrates Store and Online Fulfillment with Warehousing and Transportation Services to Help Optimize Demand Management

IBM announced GEODIS has launched a new service that is designed to help retailers and consumer brands accelerate their omnichannel customer experience capabilities with a new e-commerce fulfillment service. The global, third-party logistics provider is integrating store and online fulfillment with warehousing and transportation services powered by IBM Sterling Order Management to help optimize demand management. The enhanced e-fulfillment network and improved proximity to online shoppers will help retailers evolve their supply chain resilience by simplifying unified order management orchestration capabilities across digital and physical store environments to grow sales...

New Service Translates Security Risk Exposure for Areas Like Cloud, M&A and Remote Work into Financial Terms

IBM Security announced a new risk-based service designed to help organizations apply the same analytics used for traditional business decisions to cybersecurity spending priorities. IBM's new Risk Quantification Services creates risk assessments to help clients identify, prioritize and quantify security risk as they weigh decisions such as deploying new technologies, making investments in their business and changing processes.

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are often not the ones ultimately responsible for their organization's cybersecurity spending and policy decisions1, so it's important that they're equipped with quantitative data to translate cybersecurity challenges into business imperatives for CXOs. The new IBM service provides CISOs with financial data to help them communicate to the C-suite and Board the potential business impact of security vulnerabilities and liabilities on their business, in order to make more informed business decisions regarding cybersecurity.

IBM announced the release of a new version of its Financial Transaction Manager (FTM) solution, updated and containerized to run on Red Hat OpenShift and designed to help banks and financial institutions take advantage of the flexibility of hybrid cloud

"FTM is an integrated payments platform that integrates, orchestrates and monitors financial payments and transactions in real-time. It is designed to deliver consistent processing across multiple payment types, enabling banks and financial institutions to bring their varied payment operations onto a single platform for clearer, easier management and better performance. In addition to being engineered for speeding processing and unearthing financial behavioral patterns, the software can also help banks speed the development and delivery of new products and services..."

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