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The final destination of a journey is what usually has the most focus, but it's also important to understand the steps it took to arrive there. This certainly holds true for learning, especially as you work to achieve something as big as a Red Hat certification.

"You ultimately want that tangible object that says "I have the knowledge and I can prove it," but what about the milestones that marked your progress to get to that result? The achievements earned along the way that consistently reminded you that you are on the right path? Understanding the small goals in pursuit of larger ones helps you keep motivated to continue progressing.

Track your Red Hat learning milestones

The Red Hat Learning Subscription, which brings all of the Red Hat Training and Certification courses to you to learn at your own pace, has been updated to include such milestone reminders. With a subscription, you have a full year to experience as much training as you need and we have included ways to track course progress as well as certifications..."

Friday Five - September 18, 2020
Red Hat News, September 18th, 2020
The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye

  • Red Hat Named a Leader by Independent Research Firm in Multicloud Container Development Platforms Evaluation
  • How BBVA has Automated Processes with Red Hat's Open Technologies
  • IBM and Red Hat: Nearly Two Decades of Linux Innovation Across Computing Architectures
  • Three Tips to Implement Kubernetes with Open Standards
  • In the Clouds with Red Hat Leadership: Joe Fernandes

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Software development can be a key differentiator for organizations seeking faster and more agile business models, but it's no secret that the development, sale, and support of software can be costly

"With this in mind, Red Hat offers independent software vendors (ISVs) and technology partners a clear path to certifying their solutions. Red Hat's certification process enables partners to grow their business, access new markets and develop deeper relationships with customers to help generate long-term results. And now, we have a new research study that quantifies these business outcomes..."

When it comes to managing security risks, enterprises face an increasing number of challenges

"One of these challenges is managing the security health of the IT infrastructure and this is a critical, ongoing, constantly evolving need. As an enterprise, managing the security risks on your infrastructure without any disruption to the business has become a critical exercise.

The security of your infrastructure is no longer a concern only for the security roles in your organization. Security topics are repeatedly brought up in the C-suite and in board discussions. When the stakes are high and the health or your business depends on it, you need to have a game plan to stay ahead of these risks while keeping the operational costs in check..."

Supporting The Touchless Banking Customer Experience
Red Hat News, September 18th, 2020
The banking industry is no stranger to transformation, albeit every institution has its own pace and investment strategy for digital transformation. What cannot be denied however, is that the new normal post-COVID-19 will have an even larger reliance on digital technology while creating a "touchless customer experience."

"In this new-experience economy, banks are going to need to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations. What are financial institutions going to do to ensure that their customers can have the experience that they desire while feeling safe when visiting a branch, interacting with an advisor, or conducting routine and complex financial transactions?

Supporting the touchless customer experience will require the right amount of technology and acceptable in-person interactions to ensure that the financial institution is providing the necessary level of empathy while ensuring that the customers and employees remain safe. While handshakes will need to be put on hold, there are ways banks can safely engage with customers from the time that they enter the branch or reach out through digital channels..."

Very few of us are able to have an OpenStack lab in addition to the various production environments that we run

"The cost to have duplicate infrastructure can be too much for all but the most fortunate companies. So how are we to test certain hardware-dependent features in such a way that we can emulate our production environments as closely as possible?

Fortunately, KVM (a.k.a. libvirt) provides us a lot of flexibility in virtualizing many of these features. Although seldom used, it is possible to create a KVM virtual machine with arbitrary NUMA configurations that we can use to test different configurations for OpenStack compute nodes..."

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