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Security Is No Longer A Binary Decision
RSA News, September 16th, 2020
IT security has evolved from being a completely binary operation to taking a more nuanced approach

"Back in the days when R, S, and A first got together, it was sufficient to do security on this pass/fail basis - meaning a large part of security was letting someone in or not to your network. Or, it could mean allowing them to use a particular application or not, or allowing them access to a particular network resource (e.g. printer, server) or not.

In my blog post earlier this month, I have mentioned this nonbinary approach in passing, particularly when I have talked about adaptive authentication. This is the core reason that the authentication 'adapts' to particular conditions. For example, if someone is attempting a second login with 'impossible travel' conditions. Or, if you are trying to authenticate not just the user but their device as well..."

The challenges our industry faces are almost too numerous to count

"However, through collaboration, we can share ideas and expertise in an effort to devise strategies and approaches for managing the risks emerging in this new digital era. As RSA President Rohit Ghai said during his RSA Conference 2019 keynote, 'cybersecurity is a team sport.'

To that end, I was honored to represent RSA at Cybereason's Operation Blackout, an industry-driven, virtual tabletop exercise that brought together leaders from the public and private sectors to review and illustrate the threats to election security. Collaborative efforts, like Operation Blackout, are essential for helping address some of the greatest threats and challenges of our time..."

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