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For project managers and business analysts, effective problem-solving remains an ever-important soft skill that requires you to combine creative thinking and strong analytical skills

"The simple six-step process outlined below will help you master effective problem-solving - a skill that will provide you with the ability to bring a new perspective to problems, helping you to design, and implement, effective solutions.

Step #1: Identify the Problem

First, make sure you're dealing with the real problem, not just its symptoms. In information technology, we use root cause analysis to trace back to the origin of a problem. Take the time needed to do this tracing and discover the real reason for a problem by looking at it from different angles..."

From technical knowledge to department-building and goal-setting, here's the skills you need to hone if you want to become a great CTO with a highly effective team

"Technological expertise is in higher demand than ever before - and that need is leading to a rise in the prominence of CTOs.

Businesses were already looking for technologists that could help them exploit digital and data; add in the impact of the coronavirus pandemic - and the rapid establishment of cloud-based remote-working strategies - and the demand has become acute this year..."

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