SNIA: Top 12 Trends in Data and Cloud Storage (April 13th)

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, has been around for a while. It usually refers to using an SMS code as an additional step for logging in to your account. However, the term has been being replaced by 'Multi-Factor Authentication.' What's the difference?

"Before two-factor authentication was ever a thing, the world ran on passwords. Passwords are still commonly used today, as they're quite useful for most people - a short easy-to-remember phrase that gives you access to your protected services.

But, passwords have a lot of security problems in practice. The main issue is that you're trusting your password to a lot of random third parties, which runs the risk of having the hash of your password getting stolen in a data breach. If you have a good long password, you should be safe, but many people have terrible passwords. On top of this, many people reuse the same password, which means that a data breach at one company could affect your account at a different service..."

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