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And The Motherboard Slipped Right Out
Computerworld, September 15th, 2020
It's a whole new category of PC abuse

"It's the '90s, and this pilot fish is working in a company that makes a national brand of snack cake. When a co-worker on the help desk gets a call saying that the computer in the shortening-pumping room has stopped working, fish decides to tag along.

They find the sanitation crew mopping up several hundred pounds of shortening that had escaped from a broken pipe coupler. Sitting on the floor is the PC that has stopped working, a Dell GX1. The height of the flood is plain to see from the high-shortening mark on the PC's case: around four inches..."

Memory-Lane Monday: Sneakynet
Computerworld, September 14th, 2020
The legal mind at work

This contractor pilot fish is at a client site - and, as usual, he and his cohorts are dealing with issues that weren't originally contemplated when they were brought in.

"The network was going crazy," fish reports. 'This was a big site, with lots of routers and subnets, all carefully segregated. Something was hosing this big time, and sniffers told us we were seeing 'contamination' between subnets."

Wayback Wednesday: A Little Too Literal-Minded
Computerworld, September 16th, 2020
But you DID demo it that way

"This pilot fish takes a job teaching at a local college, and his office is right next to the IT department.

'I helped out between classes when the IT guys were swamped,' says fish. 'One day while the IT staff was out to lunch, I heard the phone ring and no one was manning the help desk, so I fielded the call.'

The caller is the office manager, and she's complaining that her printer won't print. Fish doesn't have a class for a couple of hours, so he decides to see what he can do and heads to her office..."

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