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How To Build A Disaster Recovery Plan: 7 Tips
The Enterprisers Project, September 18th, 2020
When the unexpected happens, will your critical systems be prepared? Here's what to consider while building a disaster recovery plan

"When we talk about disaster recovery, most people immediately think of 'smoking hole in the ground' scenarios: The data center building is engulfed in an inferno or demolished by a tornado. In reality, even small disasters can be devastating, and too often IT teams overlook disaster recovery planning.

Looking beyond fires and tornadoes, some disasters are caused by system failure, and many also result from human error: A network engineer accidentally plugs two network cables into the wrong hub. A database administrator tries to get ahead on weekend maintenance and accidentally commits new changes. Overheated systems shut down after a worker changes a data center thermostat setting from Fahrenheit to Celsius..."

As more organizations face disruptions, a defined approach to recovery is imperative so they can successfully recover, experts say.

"The worst time to learn your disaster recovery plan is outdated is when a disaster occurs. As more businesses are prompted to turn to recovery plans, many have learned there is room for improvement to create a defined approach to recovery so they can bounce back from incidents.

Between 70% and 75% of organizations activated recovery plans in the last two years, Gartner research vice president Roberta Witty said in a talk during this week's Security and Risk Management Summit. Of the 298 that did IT disaster recovery, 23% report addressing one incident; 22% report two; 16%, three; 7%, four; and 8% report at least five events..."

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