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Compare Top Confidential Computing Vendors
eWeek, September 14th, 2020
How does one secure "data in use"? Think of it as a logical next step beyond conventional solutions, like encrypting data when it is at rest (in storage environments) and in transit (being moved across networks). These companies are the best in the world at this time

"What, in fact, is confidential computing?

Confidential computing is an emerging approach to encrypting data while it is running in memory. The phrase "confidential computing" describes services and solutions that fully protect information across the entire scope of its use in business, from the build process to management functions to data-driven services and functions..."

Whether you're managing cloud storage or a local SAN, both have issues. Compare 13 areas where SAN and cloud storage challenges can arise and find out how to deal with them

"By moving data storage to the cloud, businesses can focus more on the core competencies of supporting their business model.

For instance, cloud services simplify the data center backup and recovery processes, enabling a smaller staff to manage them. You no longer must manage a large backup infrastructure but, instead, can handle recovery with a few mouse clicks. Large cloud providers offer data redundancy across geographically disparate data centers, in turn, making your data safer..."

Pen-test results also show a majority of organizations have few protections against attackers already on the network

"Major cloud services providers are about half as likely (46%) to experience a data breach compared with large enterprises, a new study suggests.

Security assessment vendor Coalfire recently analyzed data from some 800 penetration tests that emulated cyberattacks on customer networks. The exercise showed that cloud services providers - at least the big ones - have made significant security improvements in recent years and are more resistant to data breaches than large enterprise organizations..."

Microsoft is now leading the pack of top Cloud platforms and enterprise services

"According to the latest report published by StockApps, the Q4 2020 revenue from the Commercial Cloud business arm of Microsoft has increased by 30%. The jump in Cloud revenue indicates that Microsoft is leading the business ahead of IBM and Google. In fact, the research data analyses from StockApps reports that Microsoft's Cloud revenue is more than that of IBM and Google's Cloud businesses combined..."

According to Gartner, the Public Cloud market is poised to grow further in 2020 even as CIOs continue to place big bets on IaaS to push their digital transformation goals

"Cloud spending will remain the number one priority - an outcome of surging demand for remote Cloud management services and virtualization tools due to coronavirus.

The year 2020 will be remembered for some really amazing innovations, tech partnerships and collaborations in the fields of AI Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud Computing and Virtualization. While IPOs always attract incredible responses from the technology investors, this year's biggest IPO launch will be remembered for the way it holds the potential to change Data Science industry forever. Yes, we are pointing at the recently announced Snowflake IPO..."

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