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We analyze the results of the Data Science Skills poll, including 8 categories of skills, 13 core skills that over 50% of respondents have, the emerging/hot skills that data scientists want to learn, and what is the top skill that Data Scientists want to learn

"The latest KDnuggets Poll was a follow-up on last year's very popular poll on Data Science Skills, and asked the same two questions:

  • Which skills / knowledge areas do you currently have (at the level you can use in work or research)? and

  • Which skills do you want to add or improve?

The classical Data Science Venn Diagram which Drew Conway proposed in 2013 has 3 main areas: Hacking (Programming), Math & Statistics, and Business/Domain Knowledge. However, the Data Science field has been evolving at such speed these 3 areas are no longer sufficient. Now Data Science includes additional areas, such as Deep Learning algorithms and Cloud Computing Platforms. More Math knowledge (especially Algebra and Calculus) is needed for Deep Learning. The COVID pandemic added the demand for Survival Analysis and Epidemiology. Deploying Data Science requires understanding of software development, DevOps, and using GitHub, Docker, and similar tools..."

Remote workers are happy at home, but many still feel pressured to work longer hours over management fears of lost productivity. Here's how organizations can change to suit the new normal

"Survey results from software recommendation site GetApp find that workers are ready for the new normal of remote work, but business leaders have yet to evolve past suspicions that remote workers are slacking off. COVID-19 has changed the face of work across the planet: Offices are closed, professionals of all kinds are working from home, and remote collaboration is the new normal. According to GetApp's survey results, workers are completely fine with that..."

Why Remote Work Will Be The New Normal
Business 2 Community, September 15th, 2020
The global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has certainly caused tremendous changes in how the economy works, including how companies and businesses operate

"Lockdown and quarantine protocols have been observed in various states, which means employees can no longer go to their offices to work like they used to.

Due to social distancing protocols that have been implemented all over the world, companies have been integrating this lifestyle to their employees.

The common notion is that remote work would cause an increase in productivity and efficiency among employees, but not all companies have exactly been open to this change- and the data confirms this.

According to RescueTime, certain employees who worked remotely had a 4 percent increase in the progress of their work compared to working in an office environment..."

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