ITProToday: What Flavor of SASE is Best for You? (March 28th)

During a crisis, companies are understandably selective about the tools they use. They don't want to spend a penny on the tools that don't pay off. Still, they realize that customer-centricity should be at the core of their business, fostering personalization, and driving loyalty and business growth

"There are many ways to move towards customer-centricity. Employ a support team with astonishing interpersonal skills, start sharing highly engaging content and establish closer relationships with your customers. Better still, ensure all those factors are in line with the implementation of a CRM system.

The truth behind this statement is twisted. CRMs are only ineffective when implemented incorrectly. Usually, a simple revision of the approach can be enough to convince a business to give CRMs another chance. Especially since the positive effects of it are so delicious..."

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