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5 Tips For Remote Backup Systems To Strengthen Your Defense
SearchDataBackup, September 17th, 2020
There are lots of options for remote backup. Take the time to evaluate your needs in the age of remote work and construct your backup platform wisely

"As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home and other types of remote work will likely remain popular for a long time. Backing up the data that work produces is just as important as backing up a primary data center.

Organizations must review and perhaps revise their data protection plans to make sure new remote backup systems are sufficient. You might need an amended backup plan, you might want to use other services provided by your current backup vendor or you might pick an entirely new provider..."

Top 5 SME AWS Cloud Backup Solutions
StorageNewsletter, September 17th, 2020
Arcserve UDP, Arpio, Cobalt Iron Compass, Druva CloudRanger IBM Spectrum Protect Plus in alphabetic order

"The percentage of SMEs (250 - 5,000 employees) running their application workloads on public cloud platforms continues to grow.


  • 96% of organizations of all sizes already use at least one public cloud platform (1)
  • Public cloud platforms will host more than 50% of all enterprise workloads and data by 2021 (2)
  • 87% of companies experience business acceleration from their use of cloud services (3)

These statistics reflect what many anecdotally know to be true: SME adoption of public cloud platforms continues to grow unabated. Among these plat- forms, Amazon Web Services (AWS) represents one of this trend's primary beneficiaries. AWS already owns nearly 50% of the public cloud IaaS market outdistancing its nearest competitor by more than 3:1..."

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