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100% Channel-Focused Program Offers Partners a Differentiated User Experience to Create Opportunities for Business Expansion

Tintri, provider of Intelligent Infrastructure for enterprises, announced Tintri SQL Integrated Storage, an innovative storage technology that delivers unparalleled visibility, automation and control for virtual and physical Microsoft SQL Server databases. This offering ushers in a new era for SQL Server customers, enabling simplified, intelligent storage management that drives efficiencies, empowers DBAs and provides a consistent end-user experience.

Building on the highly differentiated Tintri VMstore Intelligent Infrastructure platform, Tintri SQL Integrated Storage is the industry's first storage solution to provide integration, analytics, autonomous management and data protection at the individual database level. SQL Integrated Storage drives higher efficiencies with end-to-end visibility and actionable insights across the SQL Server database infrastructure stack from a single view. Offering a game-changing combination of machine learning (ML)-driven automation and granular self-service control, Tintri SQL Integrated Storage delivers an outstanding experience for DBAs, infrastructure staff, and database users...

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