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For parents and guardians, this year's back-to-school shopping and planning process was very different. One item that was not on the list sent from my kids' school: cybersecurity awareness

"From K-12 to higher education, many U.S. schools and universities will offer a mix of virtual and in-person learning this academic year. It's an experience many teachers, parents and students are not used to. Thus, virtual learning will lead to an increase in cybersecurity risks for these communities. It's why I think the back-to-school shopping list needs to be expanded beyond pens, spiral notebooks and highlighters. We must include education about cybersecurity best practices!

For school administrators and parents, cybersecurity hygiene is not usually top-of-mind. It may come up after an incident occurs, but it's not part of daily vernacular. However, with the immediate shift to online education this academic year, now is a fantastic opportunity to proactively talk about cyber awareness..."

Strategies For Insider Threat Mitigation
RSA News, September 9th, 2020
What practical steps can be taken to manage insider threats?

"In our first blog post, we provided a baseline for understanding insider threats, how they've evolved and why they persist. Next, let's review strategies for risk reduction and successful technology implementation to help reduce the risk created by an insider.

Insider Threat Strategy

Combatting insider threats is not a trivial task. Organizations are taking longer than two months on average to contain threats, and are expending more resources then in previous years to address the challenge. A layered approach is needed, combining the right tools, processes and human expertise..."

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