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Yes, the cloud offers many security advantages over on-premises, especially for smaller organizations, but only if you avoid these mistakes around cloud configuration, monitoring and patching

"The news is filled regularly with attacks on misconfigured cloud servers and the leaked data that criminals obtain from them. The errors happen because we are all human. We might set up a cloud server with loose (or no) credentials and forget to tighten them when the server is placed into production. Or we fail to keep software up to date when exploits are discovered or get IT involved to audit the finished production app to ensure that it is as secure as possible..."

The total security appliance market delivered solid unit shipment and revenue growth in the second quarter of 2020 (2Q20), according to IDC

"Worldwide revenue increased 7.5% year over year in 2Q20 to $4.2 billion. Unit shipments experienced similar growth, increasing 8.0% year over year to a little over 1.1 million units.

The unified threat management (UTM) market segment accounted for the most significant revenue growth. This segment saw an increase of $250 million in revenue for 2Q20 when compared to the same quarter a year ago..."

Through centralized log management, organizations can consolidate all log data into one central, data highway and directs logs wherever they need to go

"The digital transformation wasn't gradual. It came crashing into industries worldwide in response to safety restrictions around the pandemic.

Nearly a third of Americans are working remotely in light of the pandemic-drastically increasing the external users-with no signs that employees will be returning to the office full-time post-COVID-19. A recent PwC survey found that 83% of employees want to work remotely at least once a week and that 55% of employers anticipate their employees will do so even after the pandemic..."

Remote work muscled itself to the top of every security and risk manager's agenda when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Whereas remote work was previously the exception, up to 82% of company leaders now plan to permit remote working at least some of the time as workplaces begin to reopen

"Designing a durable enterprise-scale remote work program requires a significant strategy shift and many changes in the use of technology for security and risk management leaders. Scaling virtual private network access is only the start of the journey. The sharp increase in remote working breaks the longstanding assumption by security teams that remote access is a secondary concern compared with on-premises security..."

Towards Smarter Security
CIO, September 10th, 2020
What is your number one priority?

"Imagine if the CIO's job could be described with that kind of clarity. Well, as a matter of fact, it can be.

Corporate boards and the c-suite may not spend too much time thinking about information systems (unless they are an information systems company) but one thing they definitely think about, and indeed fret about, is security breaches and the persistence of cyber threats..."

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