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I don't think you really understand my question

"User complains that her PC has no network connectivity, so this help desk pilot fish gives her a call to do basic troubleshooting before making a desk-side visit.

'I describe the network cable to her and ask her to confirm that it's connected firmly on both ends,' says fish. 'Check. I ask her to restart her computer. She does. The problem persists.'..."

Please Hold For Nice Barney
ComputerWorld, September 8th, 2020
He always gets up on the wrong side of the bed

"This pilot fish runs the night support shift, and fairly regularly they have to call a particular DBA when they're stumped. He is just that good you could be sure he'd have the answer.

But when he answered the phone, he would cuss and yell, smear the caller with every name in the book, and then hang up. Within five minutes, he would call back on the manager hotline and say, 'This is Barney. I am awake now. How can I help you?' Friendly as that dinosaur of the same name..."

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