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Cisco unveils its network solutions to help service providers close the digital divide through U.S. Government funded programs

Delivering on its commitment to power an inclusive future where everyone has access to the internet, Cisco today unveiled its network solutions for rural broadband designed to help U.S. service providers extend and improve the cost-efficiency of their networks for infrastructure buildouts in rural areas.

According to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), nearly 30 million Americans still do not have high speed internet access. Being able to connect to high speed internet opens many doors, and more opportunities are created through education, skill sharing, access to better healthcare, and so much more.

Cisco Meraki announces a collaboration with Microsoft that supports connectivity to Azure virtual WAN)

Cisco Meraki announced a collaboration with Microsoft to help simplify and support organizations moving workloads to the cloud. The integration allows organizations using Cisco SD-WAN powered by Cisco Meraki to connect seamlessly and securely to Microsoft's Azure Virtual WAN service.

As organizations continue to shift their workloads into multiple cloud environments, providing secure and optimized access to business-critical resources is crucial. At the same time, the complexity of establishing and maintaining communication channels between these ever-growing cloud hosted resources also increases, as does delivering optimal access from branch locations distributed across the world. With this collaboration, Cisco SD-WAN powered by Cisco Meraki enables customers to seamlessly automate secure connectivity from Cisco Meraki MX appliances at branch locations directly to the Azure Virtual WAN service. This will allow customers to establish optimal branch-to-Azure connectivity, regardless of geographical location.

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