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IT security pros demand greater network visibility, despite budgets tightening

"Securing a company network the 'traditional' way is no longer viable, thanks to budget constraints and the meteoric rise of remote working.

This is according to a new report from Juniper Networks, based on a poll of 1,000 senior IT networking and security professionals hailing from various industries.

According to those surveyed, legacy networks have too many performance issues and, as such, IT professionals spend much of their day firefighting, leaving almost no time for innovation and upgrades..."

The Hidden Costs Of Losing Security Talent
Dark Reading, September 2nd, 2020
One person's exit can set off a chain of costly events.

"Companies know that security talent costs money and good people are hard to find. But what they don't always consider are the hidden costs of losing an experienced security analyst.

According to Simone Petrella, founder and CEO of online training firm CyberVista, an experienced security analyst commands an average annual salary of about $100,000. And when that analyst leaves a company, it typically takes eight months to replace that person and almost four months to train a replacement..."

Everyone's aware of how challenging maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture is these days.

"There's no longer a perimeter to protect and with remote working becoming the norm since the advent of COVID-19 and BYOD stretching digital boundaries to their very limits, good security is significantly tougher to achieve.

When evaluating cyber security risks to the organization, we're typically looking at users, devices and IoT devices as possible ways into the infrastructure. And yet it's not these people and things attackers are really interested in - it's the data..."

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