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To replace or not replace (your software, that is)?

"At some point or another, IT leaders inevitably ask themselves, to replace or not to replace? (their software, that is). Many organizations first invested in ITSM software for example with the goal of modernizing their IT operations, improving productivity, and in the process, enhancing the overall experience for their employees and customers. Yet years later, many of those same organizations question whether they have genuinely achieved those goals. Is the current solution delivering the value that was promised?..."

The pandemic has served to highlight just how dependent the world is on the datacentre community - and governments, policy-makers and investors are taking note

"The cloak of invisibility under which the datacentre industry operates suits enterprises and colocation providers from a security and operational scrutiny perspective, but it also has its drawbacks.

The industry's preference for secrecy is often cited as a reason why the key role it plays in keeping the world's increasingly digital economy ticking over sometimes seems to pass governments by, and makes it difficult for industry players to get their voices heard on policy issues that may impact them directly and negatively..."

COVID-19 has had a massive effect on DevOps, leading to large-scale migrations away from on-premises environments, a Codefresh survey reveals

"At the same time, DevOps automation continues to expand in scope and complexity with more and more processes becoming automated, and more involved technologies like Kubernetes continuing to gain strong traction. While it has improved some year-over-year, most organizations are still struggling with implementing and maintaining automation..."

Looking Back At Sysadmin Appreciation Day, 2020
ITProPortal, August 21st. 2020
Time to pay the 'unsung heroes of IT' their dues

"Each year, on 31st July, System Administrator Appreciation Day is celebrated, with companies all over the world paying tribute to the heroic men and women that work behind the scenes to ensure that all businesses, organizations and companies continue to run smoothly.

SysAdmins can often get overlooked due to the fact that, if they're doing their job properly, no one will realize. If everything is working and running smoothly with no issues, no one thinks twice - when actually, it's thanks to the hardworking SysAdmins. This year, six IT leaders spoke to ITProPortal to share their appreciation for SysAdmins around the globe..."

Why Some Data Centers Don't Patch And Why They Should
Data Center Knowledge, August 21st. 2020
Despite costly consequences, many data center operators don't get around to patching serious security vulnerabilities until it's too late

"The company contacted customers by phone, email, in-product alerts, and online notifications to remind them to install the patch, but this past January the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency released an alert that said it was seeing "wide exploitation" of the vulnerability.

CISA issued another alert in April about how far attackers were spreading through government and commercial networks after exploiting this vulnerability. Despite these efforts to inform organizations about the threat, some companies failed to patch. In fact, earlier this month a hacker leaked usernames and passwords for more than 900 Pulse Secure VPN servers..."

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