Top 5 Enterprise Linux Distributions To Consider Adopting
SearchEnterpriseDesktop, July 22nd, 2020
August 2, 2020,
Volume 268, Issue 5

While Linux distributions all serve a similar purpose in the enterprise, organizations should still familiarize themselves with the different distributions to find the best fit

"Most enterprise desktops run Windows or, to a lesser extent, macOS, but certain use cases require a Linux desktop OS," notes Robert Sheldon in SearchEnterpriseDesktop.

"The Linux operating system install base has shown growth over the years, in part because Linux-based servers are so widely implemented in the cloud. Development teams, for example, might prefer to build their applications on Linux desktops so they're working in a consistent environment. Server administrators and programmers could also find Linux's flexible approach to be suitable for their work. Linux desktops are also becoming more user-friendly, increasing their overall appeal..."

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