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Best Cloud Storage Of 2020
ITProPortal, July 22nd, 2020
Our choice of the top cloud providers for both consumers and businesses

"Getting the best cloud storage continues to be paramount as both consumers and businesses continued the historical trend of ongoing digital transformation.

This trend looks set to continue throughout 2020 with more and more reliance on online backing up of data in the cloud and less focus on local storage hardware and infrastructure.

With plenty of different options for cloud storage, it's vital to pick a provider that will supply you with the optimal amount of storage and bandwidth, as well as keep your data safe and sound..."

175 zettabytes. That is IDC's prediction for how much data will exist in the world by 2025

"This data is generated by millions of devices - everything from the cell phone in my pocket and PC in my home office, to the factory down the road leveraging IoT and automation. While many enterprises are unlocking the value of their data by leveraging advanced analytics, others struggle to create value in a cost-effective way..."

Architectural spin the bottleneck: Every time the storage device and/or the interconnect gets faster we find the protocol and architecture need tuning. As change accelerates, that gets costly. Here's a solution

"Much of what we call hardware is really software - firmware - that uses the underlying hardware for speed and - this is important - a stable operating environment. The engineering dilemma is a juggling act: can we build a faster product by a) running easily updated software on a merchant processor; b) faster booting software as firmware on a merchant processor; or c) do we build a hardware engine to run the protocol on bare metal for maximum speed?..."

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