Projects seldom go as planned, leaving project managers with any number of small fires to put out. Here are the most common issues projects encounter and how to get things back on track

"Few projects complete seamlessly, as there are many issues that can arise along a project's journey from ideation to sign-off. Dealing with problems calmly and efficiently is a key aspect of the project manager's role, and some of the challenges you will face as a project manager can be handled relatively easily on the fly. Others, however, will have a larger impact on the success of your project.

Following are six common project management mistakes that plague project success, along with risk management strategies and advice for heading them off before they derail your project's progress..."

In today's challenging IT and business world, it's more important than ever to tackle new projects with people who will work skillfully and efficiently. Here's how to build your dream team

"Launching a new IT project is always challenging. Add in a pandemic, business uncertainty, economic instability and a scattered, distracted workforce and the task becomes even more daunting.

Despite the multiple obstacles facing project leaders in today's troubled times, it remains possible to build a world-class team that will meet, or even beat, projected performance, budget and time benchmarks. The secret lies in persistence, strong management and keeping a razor-sharp focus on the final goal. Here are seven tips that will help you get started..."

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