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Best Business VPN In 2020
ITProPortal, July 23rd, 2020
Protect the data of your small or medium business with one of these top VPN services

"Businesses often deal with important and sensitive information so they must keep it safe in the face of modern threats like spying, hacking, and data theft. Due to recent events on the global scale, we have witnessed a significant increase in the workforce becoming more mobile and businesses moving their operations online. This is why at this moment it is critical for every business to find a good way to protect its data. The most popular way to do so is via a VPN or virtual private network..."

Areas that have been automated must be checked and updated to ensure they are continually evolving with the network and properly performing their intended function

"Today's networks are too complex and important for them to remain manual, but network automation remains one of the most challenging tasks for enterprises to achieve. Automating the network brings numerous benefits as increases in data and devices start outpacing IT capabilities. Gartner found that organizations that automate 70% of their network change activities reduce outages by 50% and deliver services 50% faster.

Automation tools have evolved from operating point products into tools that manage policy and orchestration. For automation to be effective, it needs to encompass the entire network to streamline management. There are five key areas to avoid costly automation failures that enterprises should focus on..."

With the disruption caused by COVID, now may be the right time for network administrators to reevaluate their remote access connectivity architecture

"Despite easing of shelter-in-place ordinances in the United States, it's looking increasingly likely that employees that can work from home will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. In fact, this may end up being a long-term business strategy for many more months. If this is indeed the case, now may be the right time for network administrators to reevaluate their remote access connectivity architecture. In this article, we'll compare three popular remote access technologies. Those are traditional VPN, VDI, and teleworker gateways. We will point out the benefits of each and situations where one may be a better fit over the others..."

One Network Operating System To Rule Them All
TheNextPlatform, July 22nd, 2020
Networks may not be the most expensive thing in the datacenter - they typically comprise about 10 percent to 15 percent of the cost of a distributed system, including cables, transceivers, switches, and routers - but they are without a doubt the most complex part of distributed systems

"And anything that can cut down on both complexity and cost at the same time should have a fairly easy time selling in the datacenter.

This is, after all, how chip makers like Broadcom (eaten by Avago, which took its name), Fulcrum Microsystems (eaten by Intel and then largely ignored), and Mellanox Technologies (eaten by Nvidia and now the cornerstone of its datacenter-as-computer strategy) paved the way for merchant silicon for datacenter switching more than a decade ago, and this is how newer merchant silicon suppliers such as Innovium (not acquired yet) and Barefoot Networks (eaten by Intel last year) have been able to carve their niches as well..."

Best Enterprise VPN
ITProPortal, July 24th, 2020
The most efficient VPN providers for large companies

"Modern times have made it important for many of us to use a VPN - virtual private network, for various reasons. Corporations are no different. In fact, they are the ones that may need it the most in these times. Due to their sheer size, large number of clients, partners, and employees, both remote and on-site, high value of their operations, and company secrets, having a strong online protection can never be understated..."

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