5 Tactics To Improve Lead Generation In B2B Tech Marketing
Business 2 Community, July 24th, 2020
July 24, 2020,
Volume 268, Issue 4

So, how do you actually get them?

"Great question. There are, essentially, two main levers you can pull to increase your lead flow. You can reach more people with your message (i.e. traffic generation), or you can increase the rate at which people who hear your message become contacts (i.e. conversion optimization). Both of these things are important.

If you're not reaching enough people, you won't get any leads. Let's say, for example, that only 50 people visit your website each month. If you have an average-ish conversion rate of 1-2%, you'll bring in maybe one lead each month. If you have a conversion issue, on the other hand, and you're only converting .01% of traffic that reaches your site, you'd need to drive 10,000 visitors each month to get a conversion. If you're serving a niche audience, well, good luck making that happen.

Don't worry, though: Assuming your business model is solid, you can solve traffic or conversion issues, and many of the fixes for these issues aren't overly complex. Here are five tactics you can implement this month in your B2B tech marketing to improve your lead generation..."

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