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Memory-Lane Monday: It's In The Cards
ComputerWorld, July 20th, 2020
But is the deck rigged?

This IT pilot fish takes a job working for a company owned by a wealthy financial trader, who has some quirks. 'One,' says fish, 'was that he wouldn't pay for business cards. But it was OK if we bought card stock and printed our own, so I did that for everyone in the company, including myself.'

Fish's job title, as of the day he's hired: manager of Unix operations. But the first time the boss introduces him to a big client, he calls him 'director of software development.'

Now Let's Guess What Fish's New Password Is
ComputerWorld, July 21st, 2020
Or maybe we shouldn't go there.

It's COVID-19 days, and everyone at this tech company is practicing social distancing by working from home. All is fine for weeks for this pilot fish, but then his password expires.

An expired password cannot be replaced remotely, so he's going to have to go in to the office. Fish's boss says that the building is open, and once fish arrives, he finds it deserted and, he realizes, safer than the supermarket - no one has been inside there for weeks.

I can haz all the bits?

Vice president calls this support pilot fish several times, complaining that his PC is being hacked. 'His mouse kept moving and clicking on odd things,' says fish.

So fish remotely controls his computer, uninstalls a few programs and tells the VP that there are no programs on his computer that would allow that strange behavior.

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