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2020: The Year Blockchain Came Of Age
Information Age, July 24th, 2020
Rob Coole, vice-president, cloud technologies at IPC, provides a round-up of developments that blockchain has undergone in 2020

"It may have had a slow start, but 2020 has been the year we've really seen the true potential of blockchain. The true benchmark is in the implementation of real-life deployments, be that in the form of blockchain start-ups or new infrastructure projects. Only then can blockchain's true value to the financial industry be measured. Sure enough, 2020, despite its unprecedented challenges, has heralded a new dawn for blockchain..."

With blockchain technology now being implemented within various industries, we look at the use cases it has within transport and logistics

"The transport and logistics sector is becoming increasingly digitised as supply chain management and visibility remain as important as ever, and both are key areas that can be improved by blockchain.

This feature will explore in detail the various use cases that blockchain brings to transport and logistics..."

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